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[AU Plotbunny Summaries]

MEM = In Memoriam

Post-game; Both Luke and Asch are revived, however Asch without his memories. Luke and co. journey to help him regain his forgotten self while dealing with worldwide problems resulting from the abolishment of the Score, a sudden influx of replicas, and waning fon power. Asch later ascends the throne, a decision which does not sit well with the entire populace.

[tl;dr Lots of memory-sharing and Asch dealing with identity issues - not just not knowing who he is, but later dealing with the fact that, even though he isn't a replica, having been reformed out of seventh fonons makes him almost exactly like a replica. NPCs play a more prominent role, specifically Ginji, the Dark Wings, and Rose (so far). SEE HERE FOR DETAILS.]

REV = A Quick Reversal

Re-imagining; Princess Natalia and Meryl Oakland are never switched. Natalia perishes during childhood (she was friends with Luke, Meryl, and Guy), leaving Luke favored for succession. Maggie, Sylvia and Meryl continue their service to the crown while Badaq runs a desert caravan and delivers news from abroad to the king. When she gets older, Meryl wants to help all the people of Kimlasca and not to simply serve in the castle (she wants to travel like her father does). She and Luke review his lessons together, and despite her being a maid, she is fairly well-versed in court etiquette, etc. from watching the nobles. At ten, Luke is kidnapped and replicated. The White Knights manage to trace the prince to Choral Castle (Meryl voices her suspicions to her father who takes them to the king) where they find him locked in a cell unconscious - Van, having no other choice, makes his escape with the replica. Following his return, Luke becomes much more distant and standoffish and is forbidden to leave the castle; Van had told him about the Closed Score and how he will be a sacrifice. Luke never tells anyone about his replica or what happened to him - the doctors assume he has blocked it from his mind due to trauma.

Later, representatives from Malkuth and Daath arrive with a proposal for peace and a request for help at Akzeriuth. In accordance with the Score, Luke is sent as goodwill ambassador. Meryl joins him as his attendant, as well as Badaq due to his travel experience and reliability as a bodyguard. After Ion is kidnapped, the party comes face-to-face with a young man who looks just like Luke.

This "Luke" was raised by Van since childhood. While he doesn't like hurting other people, he's still a skilled foe and is determined to prove to Van that he's just as real and as useful as Luke (whom Van still hopes will join him). "Luke" has some resentment towards his original for betraying Van. Even moreseo than in canon, "Luke" believes Van can do no wrong, as he is the only parental figure he has ever had, and due to his isolation, has not made many real friends (he probably feels bad for Ion since the kid is so frail).

Guy later defects from Luke & Co. during the course of their journey to join Van as "Taran". He still wants revenge on House Fabre.

God-Generals: Dist, Legretta, Sync, Arietta, Taran, ________.

BTL = Between the Lines

Re-imagining; When Natalia sneaks out to join the ambassadorial party, she stumbles across Ion and the Dark Wings. Unwilling to turn a blind eye to such a crime, the Dark Wings are left with little choice but to kidnap her as well. She and Ion are kept in a cell aboard the Tartarus while Asch wrestles with conflicting priorities of figuring out Van's plans and finding a way to return Natalia to Baticul. After attempting a stupidly dangerous heroic escape, Natalia discovers Asch's identity (ie. she sees his face) and goes about trying to convince him that nothing can be done while they remain on the Tartarus. Together they hatch a plan; Asch, Natalia, and Ion manage to escape en route to the Zao Ruins.

TWN - Twinverse

Alternate Universe; Never completed and subject to major this universe Asch and Luke were born as twins, with the general public under the impression that there was ever only one son (a plot to have the "less capable" one fulfill a prophecy with none the wiser). Asch, showing more potential, is chosen as the Duke's heir and as a result receives far more training and attention than his brother. Discovering this, and growing annoyed by the fact that his brother has been supporting him but not fighting for his own self and his own pride, Asch begins tutoring Luke in secret, and demanding that they take turns switching places. The result is a "substitute" who's much more aware of things than he lets on.

Despite the prophecy, there are powers in the know who want the twins for their unique abilities and seek to turn them against one another.

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