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Moving that AU Sandbox Plotbunny Here

Wishing for your happiness...
...Such an expression of goodwill is not always as it seems. Sometimes it can be taken quite literally.

Not everyone was happy when one returned on the evening of ND2020, Loreleiday, Lorelei-Decan 48. This much was obvious, and perhaps even expected. But everyone deserves a happy ending, surely? And so it was that the aggregate sentience of sound and memory, Lorelei, went to speak with an old friend, and together the two of them devised a plan, a way in which everyone might find peace, prosperity, and a happy life.

What happened was that time, space and memory "reset". Everyone found themselves in another universe, with different lives and memories. The plan seemed to least at first, but soon it became clear that no matter what, there would always been one or perhaps two or three individuals who would be less than satisfied with their current lives. And so reality would have to be reset again, and again, and again in the hopes that one world, one dimension just might appease the people and grant that single, well-meaning wish.

"But that has nothing to do with me!" One might argue. Well, count yourself fortunate because there is someone out there who is looking out for you. Or perhaps, perhaps they are interested in you for another reason entirely.

An as-of-yet unknown group of individuals have modified the fabric of reality. Characters find themselves going about their day-to-day rituals with no knowledge that this is anything other than ordinary and no memory of their previous lives. In their minds they've been doing this forever, and trying to recall how they came to be in this place or when they met their acquaintances will only yield vague ideas. They won't be able to remember the exact circumstances. They may, however, get strange inklings or feelings when coming into contact with familiar faces or objects - and there are plenty of both, scattered around the universe. Learning the truth is not easy, but it is possible. However, what will one do with the truth and what will the consequences be?

Based loosely off of Once Upon A Time and every other fandom ever to use the concepts of dimensional travel.

- The current universe changes at the players' discretion. Once a universe becomes stale or stagnant, the current playerbase can agree to change it based on suggestions submitted to the game.
- There will be a sign-up sheet for each new universe where you can sign up for generally whomever and however many characters you want. Characters are NOT limited exclusively to Tales of the Abyss or the Tales of franchise. Keep in mind that close friends may be strangers in the current dimension. For characters that are idled out, they can either be NPC'd or taken on by another player. Any popular canon characters (ones that multiple people wish to play) will switch players on a rotation until everyone has a chance to play them, then the cycle will start over.
- Alternates and duplicates are allowed, however! There can only be one canon version of a character per universe. Alternates must take on a separate name/career/persona in the current universe AND have something distinguishing about them (suggestions include but are not limited to: genderswap, age-up/age-down, etc.)
- Relationships are decided upon between the players and both most agree before the relationship can take place. Because this is a game based on possibilities, different pairings, friendships and family situations are encouraged.

- General museboxing rules apply. Play nice with your fellows, enjoy yourself, and keep any potentially offensive content community-locked, and beneath a cut.
- Characters have no knowledge of their past lives. At least initially. But it is possible for them to discover objects or run into situations that jog their memories. If someone told them about their past life, a character should react with skepticism (by the way you're a clone and you're engaged to a princess who isn't really a princess and you can shoot lasers out of your hands! ...right, okay.)

Alderwood (A-1)

Alderwood is your typical present-day town. A two-lane road leads into and out of town. Two-thirds of the area is surrounded by forest (complete with some rather ferocious creatures up into the mountains) and the remaining third faces the ocean. The town has about everything you'd need, but is not fancy by any definition. There's a movie theater and a school and a hospital. There's a Cheagle-Mart Superstore, Burger Maestro ("Where we make fast food a Symphony of goodness!") a private family-run airport and a small marina with fishing boats and a pier. The town has a mayor and a police force to keep crime and unemployment to a minimum. Oh, and there's wireless internet access. There's also a small church.

Within this church, if one happened to be so inclined, is a large tome displayed behind a glass case. One might assume this is an ornate copy of a holy book, but it is in fact the incarnation of the "Worlds Score" which details the history of the omniverse up to the present time.


Please reply below with the characters you're interested in playing.

*OU = Original Universe/Canon Version; AU = Alternate Universe/Alternate Version

**Use the space after "Field Notes" to either link to or tell us a little bit about your alternate version character (for a canon character, just specify the last thing that happened to them in their original world); also include what plans you have for your character in the current setting. This can be a bulleted list and does not need to be anything detailed or lengthy.

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