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Fonon Project Snippits


There's a large portrait of Van Grants in Luke's room.
Malkuth's base at Kaitzur is filled with musical instruments.
There are 459 members of the Dark Wings.


Aggregate Sentience
"When a certain amount of a particular fonon gathers together, it becomes sentient. Control that, and you can perform high-level fonic artes."

Each one has been given a name.


Seventh Fonons
Created when memory particles fuse with fonons in the fon belt [via the Planet Storm].

((Can fuse with any of the first through sixth fonons. A physical mutation (transformation) is implied to occur.))

Fonon Frequency
"All matter emits a fonon frequency. They're like fingerprints; no two frequencies are the same."

Fon Slots
Fon slots are the points on material objects where the fonons composing them generally gather.

The ten major fon slots of the planet's surface are called "Sephiroth". (Meaning there are other [lesser] fon slots on the planet's surface.)

"A hyperresonance is a power that occurs when two Seventh Fonons interact. It can destroy and reform any matter. Normally, it occurs only under special conditions, with two Seventh Fonists present."

"Hyperresonance can break down matter to an atomic level. I'm no specialist, but it's possible in theory."

Quasi Hyperresonance

Second-order Hyperresonance
"Yes, but the theory behind second-order hyperresonance hasn't yet been established. It's said that when two hyperresonances interact, they neutralize the effects of all fonons."

"Isofons are two entities that have the exact same fonon frequency. Of course, they don't exist unless artificially created."


"Replicas created through fomicry are mere imitations. A replica may look identical, but its fonon frequency is different. One can't produce isofons that way."

Fontechnology (short: fontech)
The use of fonons in mechanical devices. Said devices are referred to as "fon machines".

The name used to refer to the aggregate sentience of the seventh fonon.
Its existence is hypothetical, and its aggregate form has not been observed.

Memory Particles
An energy source. Typically found in the planet's core, they are said to be particles of the planet's memory.

Planet Storm
Proposed by Dr. Southern Cross as a limitless supply of energy, the Planet Storm is formed from memory particles which are cycled from the core through the fon belt and later returned to the core.

Powers modern fonic artes and technology.

Memory particles exit through the Radiation Gate and are reabsorbed through the Absorption Gate.